You’ve most likely seen photos online of children exercising baby-led weaning, chewing down on a whole carrot or understanding raw apple slices. But, is this safe?

When it comes to the raw carrot and also apples, no way. But, baby-led weaning absolutely can be risk-free, if you know how to reduce and also prepare foods appropriately.

Baby-led weaning, or baby-led feeding as I favor to call it, means that infants feed themselves finger foods as soon as they start solids. But it isn’t anything goes. Here’s just how to make sure that the foods you provide your child are secure and easy-to-eat for your baby’s developing abilities. Due to the fact that if your child can’t get the food, after that she can not really consume it!

And these standards benefit any type of finger foods, also if your child is still consuming some purées (which is just great by the way!).

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Size and Shape

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At around 6 months– The majority of babies just beginning solids have not created their pincer grip (thumb and first finger) yet. So to grab foods they understand them with their entire hand. Given that you want your infant to still access the food while it remains in her hand, it’s finest to reduce food right into long, slim sticks. Think about the length as well as width of your pinky finger, and also check out the photo over from Baby-Led Feeding for some ideas.

Apart from choking dangers, a lot of foods are level playing field at this age, consisting of meat, chicken, cheese (shredded), and irritants like eggs, nuts (never ever entire, however a little smooth nut butter stirred into a purée or spread on toast), and fish.

Salutes are an additional exceptional car for introducing brand-new foods as well as tastes. Since while we don’t desire foods to be too tough (see listed below), we additionally don’t desire them to be as well soft and also gummy. Commercial bread can be hard to pick up as well as can turn into a round of mush in a baby’s mouth. However, lightly toasted bread is optimal for self-feeding. Here are 15 of my favored toast toppings for infants.

And also remember that much of consuming at this beginning is about your infant checking out– touching, scenting, and indeed, sampling. Yet don’t be distressed if it appears like little of the food is in fact making it right into her tummy. Self-feeding takes a great deal of eye-hand control, which’s a capability your infant is still establishing.

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At around 8-10 months– When babies develop their pincer grip begin reducing foods right into tiny items, concerning chickpea-sized. And for tiny rounded foods like chickpeas or blueberries, smash them lightly before offering. It’s terrific for babies at this age to exercise their pincer grasp, however it’s A-OK to proceed offering food in sticks like you did when he was more youthful. The photo above is likewise from Baby-Led Feeding.

Several of my other favored single-ingredient foods at this phase consist of chopped hard-cooked eggs and tiny pasta shapes.

This is additionally a good time to begin supplying your infant a spoon in addition to thick soups or mashes. It will certainly take method for her to get the hang of eating with the spoon, however you can pre-load the utensil to begin, and of course, method makes excellent.

How to cut foods for safe baby-led weaning. See the best shapes and sizes for baby-led weaning first foods. #babyfood #babyledweaning #babyledweaningfirstfoods


Whatsoever ages, foods need to be soft enough that you can wreck them with gentle stress in between your thumb and forefinger. This implies no raw carrots, apples, nuts, or tough portions of meat. For veggies, this typically implies steaming them, roasting them, or preparing them in an Immediate Pot. Meat should likewise be very, extremely tender. Right here’s my guide to food preparation meat for infants.

Remember, to err on the side of caution with baby-led feeding and also always stick with your baby while she’s consuming. After that take pleasure in the program!

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